Oly here.

Learned FOUR  lessons this week.

1. If you haven’t played for a long time; HIT  the driving range before attempting to play.

2. If you have a new set of clubs, (especially if they are GRAPHITE;  HIT the driving range


3. If  you are not familiar with HYBRIDS; HIT the driving range; FIRST.

4. If you have a new PUTTER; HIT the practice green FIRST.

So I tried to play this week, (without doing any of the above mentioned things.  I did shoot 1 below par, (for 18 holes, unfortunately, I only played 9 holes).  I tried all the  different things the pros, say to do, which is not my game. All in all I did have3 par putts, which I missed.  1 birdie putt, a sure birdie only about 4 feet from the hole.  Have you ever had one of those putts where your putter hits the green juusst before you hit the ball?  Well at least I ended up with a par.

The 4th hole only made things worse.  On the tee injury.  My right knee decided it didn’t want to play anymore, and gave out on me, making me nearly fall down.  But I’m not one to let that stop me.  I played the 6 holes. Thank goodness we were in a cart.  I always liked to walk the course because, I liked the exercise, but mostly I always played better.  Even when we played 36 holes on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. we walked the first 18, and generally due to the heat, we took a cart for the second round.

I was unpleasantly surprised at how our local Municipal Golf Course, has deteriorated.  The fairways were really rough, and not allowing much roll,  about the same for the greens.  The sand traps I found myself in were like cement, (you could not even see the spot your ball landed).  Not only that but there were rocks as big as the golf ball, BIG pine cones, the “sand” was more like pea gravel, and NO rakes.  If rakes had been available I would have raked them for the next guy.  The last time I played there was in 1987.  It was a well cared for course. THEN.  But I know they have a new PARKS SUPERINTENDENT, A new GOLF PRO.  So I guess that is the reason for the shape the course is in.  When I started playing there the Course, supported all of the Park and Recreation in the city.  I can only imagine what PGA TOUR PRO Tyrrell  Hatton, who complained because the greens had not been cut between rounds 1 and 2, would have to say about our local course.

If my knee feels better I will try to play again next week.  I hope to sneak in some practice time too.  Hopefully a different course. I would like to play course where I had my membership.  But that will depend on who I play with. I’ll play wherever they want to play. I am unsure about my putter.  Right now I am leaning toward getting my old putter out.  I very rarely 3 putted with it regardless of how far away I was.

I suppose that is all I have for now.

See you when I play or practice again.













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