Hi.  Oly back with another segment of my return to GOLF.

I capitalize all the word GOLF, because I have been told the Royal and Ancient used this as a term “G”entlemen “O”nly “L”adies,  “F”orbidden.  I don’t know if that is true, or just something passed down.  It absoulutely does not apply in todays world.

Let me pass on a little story about that,

Back in the day I was playing regularly, (about every day).  My foursome was about to tee off, when a friend of mine, (and a very much better player than I was),  Said he needed another player for a foursome.  I saw one of the players on the local high school team, and suggested SHE play with them.  He chuckled a little.  I said, “No she is really a good player”.  His foursome was up next and he agreed for her to play.  About half way thru the front nine, 2 tees, and 2 greens are in close proximity.  I asked how things were going.  With a scowl on his face I could see he was a bit upset.  He said, “We offered to let her tee off from the ladies tees, but she said the men’s tees were fine”.  ” She outdrives us on half the holes, and she is beating us.”     He still hasn’t completely forgiven me.  But he chuckles about it while complaining.  And says he learned a lot that day.

Now back to my exploits.   I still haven’t made it to the driving range; maybe this week.  I did manage a few minutes on the practice green while waiting for my friend to arrive.  Oh, forgot to tell you I went back to my old putter.  The new one just felt so light, and I did not feel I had as much control over it.  The new one just says Top-Flite on it, not a whole lot of difference in the weight I think it is just a balance thing.  The old one is a Dunlop , from my old set, although it did not come with the old set I added it early on to that set.  The old one is a Dunlop Series 500 Black Max Plus Precision Balanced model 580.  If that means anything to any of you. I found I like the feel of the Titleist Tru Feel on the putting green, but not so much off the tee.  I can’t say much for the Callaway Super Soft either on the tee or the green.  I am pretty much neutral on this for now.  I am still experimenting.  I liked the old Black Titleist especially on hot days.  But I generally used Top-Flite XLs.  My golfing friend tossed me one of his Top-Flite XL 2000, I think it was, and I hit my best drive in the 2 times I have played,  237 yards.  He took it back before we started the next hole. The problem is I only have access to Wal*Mart, Dunham’s sports store, and the pro shop at our local Municipal course.  None of them have Top-Flite.  So I have about a 50 mile drive to possibly find Top-Flite XLs.

On my 2 outings,  I know nine holes a week isn’t much but is the most I have played since 1987, I tried the Callaway Super  Soft ball and the Titleist Tru Feel.  Next time I will try the Callaway Warbird 2.0, which I was gifted a dozen.

Our Municipal Course, that I hadn’t played until the last couple of weeks, since 1987, I was surprised an disappointed to find out; 1. They no longer have the stock they had back then.  The only balls i saw there were used Titleist ProV1.  They want $25 a dozen for these used balls.  I am sure they have some new ones somewhere but I didn’t see them.  2. They no longer have used clubs for sale.  I take that back they had a used driver for $450.00, a used putter for $375.00.  3. They only had one set of used clubs they loan to someone who does not have their own clubs but want to play.

I did shoot a lower score this time,  we won’t go into that, lets just say my score was only 15 better than last week.  The highlight was my 237 yard drive.  The low lights were the the 2 water hazards I found,  Plus I had so much trouble with my chipper, it is going bye-bye.  I have better results going with my 7 iron.  I could have shaved about 7 strokes off if I had used my 7 iron.  My conclusion, chipper irons do not work.  I did use my Callaway Hot X driver the entire nine.

Because my golfing friend will be out of town for our usual day out.  I plan to hit the driving range and see if I like the Callaway the way it is, or need to adjust the loft.  Or maybe I will decide to use my Top-Flite graphited shaft Composite driver.  The Callaway Hot X may take some time trying the different settings.

By the way this time they had rakes out for the sand traps, 5 of them, (on the same trap).

Thanks for your time.  Oly.



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