But for the first time in a long time, my two sons got together and we went GOLFING  together.  Had a wonderful Fathers Day.
My youngest son paid my golf fees and my oldest drove me to a course about an hour away from my home.  It was a Beautiful course.  Compared to my home course it was like playing on a PGA tour course.
My youngest son plays a lot and has a golf simulator at his home.  He takes the game seriously, and expensive clubs and balls.  My eldest son hasn’t played for about 8-10 years and either sold or loaned his clubs to someone.  He had a set he bought from Wal*Mart for about $160 dollars.  I of course have the cheap clubs too, (except the driver which was $300 I got for $250 on sale.  That was a Callaway Hot-X.
We teed off about 13:00 hours.  It was decided we would do a Match.  My eldest and I would play scramble against my youngest.  We put up a pretty good fight the first nine.  I did surprise him on the first hole, when I putted in a birdie from the fringe.  The look on his face was priceless.  But also he beat us match wise, and stroke wise.  He picked up on the back nine and clobbered us.  He struggled the first nine and was 7 over..  But came in 1 under for the back side, shooting a 78.  Unfortunately our score was a miserable 88.  My eldest kept up his part I let him down on my part.  But we had a terrific day.  I learned somethings from them.   I can barely wait to see if i can do better.
Normally my friend and I play the only free day I have to play.  But as “things happen”  I had a dental appt. one week, and he had one the next week. We will try next week.
But I want to reiterate:  I HAD A WONDERFUL FATHERS DAY”.
I will get back to you when I go again.
Thanks, See you next time.

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