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Hey it’s been awhile since I last posted.  I has been a long time since I have been anywhere except the Driving Range.  Still not showing much improvement.  BUT I have never been much for practice.  I know i need to practice.  But I have a hard time getting into it.   I have come to the conclusion I need to make myself a list of things to follow for practice.   Without a list I just hit the balls, trying to get through the bucket.  A bucket is 40 balls.  I hit so rapidly,  my back begins to hurt after 20 balls I have to stop.

Recently my best half and I did tackle, a course which when I stopped playing  years ago was a nice little par 3 course,  NOW it is a full 18 hole par 72 course.  It has changed so much we skipped a tee and was playing the wrong hole.  I had my best drive this drive this year.  A par 4,  I hit to about 25-30 yards short of the hole. THEN:  The course ranger rode up and informed us we were playing the wrong hole.  Back to the correct tee to start again.  Seems the the tee we were supposed to play was moved forward of the natural tee box placement,  so we had moved directly to the tee box to our left.

Some of the greens must have been artificial.  When chipping on the ball might land just off the green then run all the way across to the second cut around.  I hit a high approach to the green.   NO BALL mark.   When putting you had to strike the ball very hard.  I putted a ball that should have went a couple of feet past the hole.  It moved less than half the the distance to the hole.  In the parking lot,  after we finished I was talking to a regular there.  He called those greens, “asphalt greens”, and stated “No one should have to hit a ball that hard on a green.”

The thing, I am ashamed to admit.  My best half stands less than 5 feet tall.  Enjoys playing golf, but unfortunately we only get out for 9 every 2 or 3 holes.  But after all this time I just noticed how far away she was standing from the ball at her address.  All this time she has been struggling with regular length clubs.  Then it hit me.  Doing a little investigating I found “JUNIOR  Clubs” , might be the answer.   I looked at pro shops, and sporting good stores, their inventory of Junior clubs was very small.  Also her being left handed did not help.  None carried left handed in stock.  The sporting good stores weren’t even sure they could order them.   However on sports store had some single right hand junior clubs.  I grabbed a couple down and had her try them.  Finally one of them felt good to her and looked like it fit her height.  I made  a note of the driver length.

I checked on EBAY for a set.  They had some but looked very beaten up.  Although I went to to my last hope.  I checked  Surprise they had a 7 piece set of Spalding Molitor.  9-12 year old set, left handed,(right handed available), that fit her height.  No one will pay attention to the fact that they are Junior clubs.  I ordered her a set.  It is a nice looking set.

She wanted to try them out.  It was rainy that day,  just sprinkles.  We went to the driving lane and split a bucket of balls.  It was amazing.  Before she was using a 4 wood to drive with.  Usually a “worm burner”.   But with the new driver she started hitting the majority in the air and getting more distance.  Like me; she has some work to do, but things are looking better.  At 78 she continues to work.  So now it’s back to work.  but she has evenings, (if she isn’t too tired after work),  Maybes she and I can get in a few 9 rounds.

As for me I was talking to some other senior golfers, and found the majority of them don’t hit the ball much farther than I do.  Gave me a boost, as I have been disgusted because I couldn’t hit the ball as far as I used to.  I still see me going out there and hitting it like I did before my HIATUS.  I know physically I can’t so I will have to make up that difference with my short game.

Until next time.



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