Because I did not play, practice, or buy anything GOLF this week;  I am going to make a COMMENT on the above mentioned subject.

First let’s agree that MOST of the LIV Golfers have played in and made their name either in the PGA or one of it’s affiliates.  Thus making them owing some kind of allegiance to those identities. Let’s also agree those groups do not have a contract guaranteeing  them a set salary or benefits. (LIV Does pretty much guarantee them “X” amount of money, $120,000.oo per appearance in an event; I believe.  PLUS a “signing bonus to play in all events).

By not having an “EMPLOYER”, all Pro Golfers must be considered as “INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS’.  Now, I don’t mean to confuse anyone.  Being an independent contractor gives them the right to choose what events, except in the LIV,  (where they HAVE CONTRACTED to play in all events).  Even by PGA standards the can opt what events, they play in.  (I really don’t know, but, I think they are required to play in a minimum of events to maintain membership).

PGA, being an a NON-profit organization, ORGANIZES most of the events known as the PGA TOUR in the U.S.A.  The PGA TOUR has a Board of Directors, who have the ability to admit or not admit players into the organization.  (As I understand it).  Which would mean they have the right to accept or deny INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, as they see fit.  They have the right to suspend players for JUST CAUSE.  That being said.  IF a member chooses to not play in an event does that constitute, JUST CAUSE.  If it does, all player members could be ousted or suspended, for missing any event.  As I understand it members who play in the LIV schedule, are merely suspended at this time, except the ones who resigned.

Wrapping things up.  I am not an attorney, so I can’t say what the legalities are.  I believe it would be to the PGA’s advantage to have these players we all know the names of, and, associate with the PGA at their events.  Face it! if you were offered more money to play a few games of golf a year, than you had made in 30 years, YOU think you would turn it down.  Forget the rhetoric of “Saudi Blood Money.”   I don’t know what their reason for starting LIV is. Maybe they really do want to paint a new picture of a new Saudi.  Right or wrong I seem to always give someone a second chance. I don’t even know how many chances they have been given.

The thing is….they have a very good product.  I like the 54 hole idea.  It gives the  players more family time.  As you get older family time means more.  I like the team aspect.  I like the more relaxed atmosphere presented at events.  (Although I don’t know that as a player,  in the last event, on the final hole knowing that one putt could be worth a half a million dollars)!



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