Well it is finallly here.  The much anticipated Sunday in NFL.

I don’t really have much to say.  I hope it is a good game.    The only real thing that might attract me to the game is the brother Kelce face off.

Honestly I never watch the HALFTIME SHOW.   It used to be an attraction.  Now for me it is just a side show to take up time between halves.

NOW:   My pick to win is the EAGLES OF PHILADELPHIA.  Not only because I think they are the better team.  But because I don’t like the way KC’s QB. comes across to me.  He may be a really great person.  I never met him. But he just seems like a smart-aleck, (to me),  and it may just that reason which makes it appear he has stripe shirted body guards on the field too.  Nothing against the rest of the team.  I wish them luck.  I wish both team good luck.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I have known really good athletes who came across the same way,  only to learn they were actually insecure in their abilities and put on this type of front to bolster their own egos, to keep them at the top of their game.

I haven’t decided yet if I tune in.  May check during commercials of whatever I am watching to see the score.  May watch just  for the Kelce show. At the time I am writing I just can’t see spending 3 1/2-4 hours watching about 11 minutes of action. My central hope is that no one gets seriously hurt

NFL has, (always, it seems) favored the the team that is in the largest market.

My prediction for total score is 50 points.

So now you know how I feel about super bowl lvii, (intentionally put in lowercase letters).

Well it is in the record books.  Chiefs 38 Eagles 35. 

I did watch the last 2 minutes.  So I can’t  say anything about the rest of the game.  HOWEVER.  The Chiefs appeared saved by a very, very suspicious “IN THE VICINITY HOLDING” call.   I looked several times.  I never saw any Holding, ( the one that gsve them that final 1st down).   What i did see was a hand in the general area.  No proof of even touching the runner.   But that is how the NFL is now.  Terrible officiating over the years and getting worse.  They just have too much to look for.  The NFL keeps changing the rules, adding rules, etc. 

I won’t say that one call cost the Eagles the Championship.   I’m sure there were other things during the game that affected the games outcome.  Other bad calls, no calls.  Team route errors, misjudging the ball.  Normal errors.  Many things.  

So congratulations Chiefs.  Condolences to Eagles.

But now one brother has bragging rights over the other.

Be sure to come back for our NCAA BASKETBALL 🏀  picks, our copy and paste puck sheets,  Upsets, If you pick all top pick results, and of course see if you can pick’em better than me.

Also check back between now and then to see if I have some opinon  on other subjects.

Thanks for following me this NFL season




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