High School Sports Pay To Play

Want to play sports in Middle, or High School?  Cough up the DOUGH!

It seems schools are trying to eliminate sports from the learning process.  they have found a new avenue to this means.  MONEY.  Pay to play.

With unemployment so high, gas prices out of sight, and the economy in general, the states have less tax money so cuts must be made.  What to cut?  Schools are in the business of book learning.  Te academics in charge of schools feel sports is not a learning experience.  If it isn’t in the books WE approve, it is not worth learning.

Most of you know sports teach the things we need to work with others, and get along.  Things you can’t learn in a book.  Team mates are  not only mates on the field, court, or track.  Real team mates are also mates in academics, and in many cases this is a lifelong friendship.  I know some of the people on teams are just a member of the sports team.  But if you are a REAL TEAM MATE,  you will help your other members.  A team mate is having trouble in English, some  one on the team will tutor him, work with her.    A team mate is having social, mental, or emotional problem,  A real team mate will be there to help them in any way they can.   Can you learn this in a book?

Now in some school districts the Academics,  have decided to impose a fee on sports.  One district I know of has chosen to impose a fee of $170.oo  per sport, per student.  Pretty much eliminating the economically depressed students.  Imagine you have, say one boy and one girl.  Your son plays basketball, and baseball.  That is $340.oo plus the other expenses such as, sales, and meals, to earn money to support the particular sport.  Your expense to get him to and from practice, (even if he drives himself you are probably paying the expense or some of the expense for that car).   Your expense to follow his games, and eating out before or after the game.  Concessions at the game.  Your daughter plays tennis, and soccer?  That is another $340.oo plus all of the other above mentioned expenses.

We all know if you are a real stand out athlete some one will cover you expenses.  But how many of our children are a LeBron James, or Peyton Manning.  How many potentially great athletes or leaders will be left behind because their families can’t afford that $170.oo.

Why not charge our students, for each class they take, or a fee for school clubs, etc?

That Is How I See It.