Crushable Hat

I recently bought a new Hat.  I don’t know what category it would fit in.  I rarely wear a hat, exceptions have usually been while playing softball, watching baseball games, or if it is raining or snowing.  My reasoning for wearing it if it is  raining or snowing is really quite simple.  It helps keep the rain or snow from getting on my glasses.

One day this fall it was raining and of course I had my baseball cap on.  (To keep the rain off my glasses).  But as it kept pouring I noticed the rain running down the back of my neck.  It just happens I  was visiting my local TSC (Tractor Supply Company) store.  I was actually looking for some tools, when I passed a display of hats.  This one struck me as being just the thing I needed to keep the rain off the back of my neck and off my glasses. IT WORKS!  The only bad part is keeping it on in the wind.fully mannedNow the problem I have is the tag on the hat stated it was


Now I’m at a loss the tag didn’t state the exact meaning of the guarantee.  So I don’t know if it meant the hat was guaranteed to CRUSH!  Or did it mean the hat was guaranteed to retake it’s form in the event it accidently  becomes crushed.  I’m sort of leaning toward the first CRUSH.  But hopefully no one will sit on it and I won’t find out.

I’ll let you know which way the guarantee meant.  If it gets crushed.

That Is How I See It.