Bad Umpires? Replace Them!

Recently there has been a lot of criticism of professional baseball umpires.  WHAT is new?  Every call is a judgment call.  Ever since I can remember baseball umpires have always made bad calls.  It is like the weatherman.  Most of the time he is wrong.  Occasionally he gets a call right.  Like when it is pouring down rain and our local weatherman predicts 51% chance of rain.  After all they can’t be completely wrong There is always that percentage.  Umpires have a 50% chance on every call they make.  It will either be WRONG, (which will be remembered), or right which will not be remembered.  And let’s not forget whatever the call it will be wrong from one perspective, and right, (regardless of how wrong it is), to another’s point of view.

We now have the technology to eliminate those blind men behind the plate, at the bases, etc.  COMPUTERS.  With Cameras, as small as they are, and as portable, WE can have the computers make the calls, a lot quicker, and more accurately than mere men.  I guess then everyone will be yelling, “Kill the computer”,  or “Computer are your cameras blind?”

Of course we could return to the olden days of baseball.  You know the days in early baseball, where the Umpire brought his char on the field sat off to the side, and called the game.  The good thing about this was the crowd could over rule a call the Umpire made.

Or we could just make sure the umpires we have are thoroughly trained, and tested.  Give them a 3 strike rule.  Three wrong calls and you are fired.

I really like the choice of one umpire with the crowd able to over rule his call.  But I guess that is impractical.  Thus the only choice we have is COMPUTER UMPIRES.

That Is How I See It.