Down To Four

Down To Four.  We started with Seventy Two  Teams and now there is only Four.   We have seen Sixteen Upsets.  (Ironically the same number as in SWEET SIXTEEN).   We have but one number One SEED team remaining.  U. Kentucky.  Two number  two seeds, and One fourth seeded team.

We have three teams in a conference named “BIG…..”.  Odd man out is …….Kentucky, representing the SEC (South Eastern Conference).  Their Opponent, Louisville, represents the BIG EAST CONFERENCE.   While Ohio St. is appearing under the BIG TEN CONFERENCE.  With their opponent, Kansas, is with the BIG TWELVE CONFERENCE.  Side note the Big Ten Conference has twelve teams.  The Big Twelve Conference has but ten teams.  Go Figure.

For all intents you could say all four teams are from the midwest.

The  distance between Kentucky, and Louisville is a mere 77.56 miles.  In contrast the difference between Kansas and Ohio St.  is 696.8 miles.

Now let us see whom according to distance would be the closest to HOME team.  Care to guess………..?  Which team will have to  travel the farthest………….?

With Sixteen upsets if you had played your bracket with the upper seed all the way this is what your brackets would look like. To this point.

Just a little bit of trivia, I guess, after all who really cares, about these little tidbits.

Oh yes.  Before I go, here is the answer, to the Home, (closest to New Orleans) would be LOUISVILLE, to travel 706.22 miles.  U.Kentucky, will travel 743.97 miles.  So we know these two are the closest.  Thus giving Louisville, the “HOME COURT” advantage.

Which means we now have Kansas, and Ohio State University.  Ohio State, will travel 909.4  miles.  Kansas a mere 874.12 miles.   Thereby giving Kansas the “HOME COURT” advantage.

I’ll bet most of you thought Kansas would have the longest trip to New Orleans.

Louisville thusly will have “home court advantage”  as long as they last in the tournament.

Remember the higher seed team is usually billed as the “home team”.

That Is How I See It.