College Campus Basketball Games

Recently it was announced the Rivalry Between INDIANA UNIVERSITY, and their cross river Rival, the UNIVERSITY of  KENTUCKY, will cease to be in the upcoming 2012-2013 Season.

What?  Say it  isn’t so.  ……But, alas it is.

How did this happen?

The way I understand it the University of Kentucky,( AKA, know as the minor league of the NBA), in it’s usual fashion of believing Basketball at UK is a business, only, situation.  They see $$$$ ,(dollar signs), in this long enduring confrontation.  Indiana University doesn’t.

Yes folks, it all comes down to money, as so many things do.  The University of Kentucky Wildcats, want to move the games from the home gyms, to an off Campus site which seats, more people, thus, more money to line the schools pockets.

Indiana University, says, NO!!!  The way the Hoosiers, of IU look at it is….This is a SCHOOL team.  It should be played on the campuses, to allow all students the opportunity to watch and participate.  By moving to an off Campus arena would require those students to drive or by some other means go arrive at the playing site, and thereby limiting overall school participation by those students who cannot travel.

As for me I must take the Hurryin Hoosiers side on this.  It is a school event and should therefore be played on campus.  Yes the extra money would be nice…..but let us not lose sight of  the fact. of which has been lost for some time in College, and some cases High School,  SPORTS  are   intended merely to be an extension of the class room.  There, believe it or not, are things that can only be learned in a sports setting.

BUSINESS,or LEARNING experience?

That Is How I See It

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