Protection Scheme

Remember on TV when the gangsters demand money from the store keepers to PROTECT  them.  Of course the shopkeepers were paying to keep the gangsters from smashing, or burning their establishment. Probably still do.

Here is an example of another protection scheme,  This one by the upright citizens of a small town in Tennessee.

Imagine, if you will, watching everything you own going up in smoke.  Now imagine the local firefighters with their trucks and equipment sitting there watching it also.

That is exactly what happened in Tennessee.  The family in this small town near the South Fulton Tennessee fire department, watched as their mobile home and belongings went up in flame.

Why?  Once again it was because the home owner did not pay the subscription/protection, fee.  We saw this once or twice before.  I understand the fire department had to go out of their usual confines to answer the call.  They did respond in the event of human peril.

Here is the catch.  The fire department needs the money to keep it’s facilities and equipment up to date.  These fees offset that need.  The FD could just charge…..say $150.oo for these outside calls.  But then there would be no need for anyone to pay the $75.oo annual fee.  I vote for the $150.oo or so per trip charge.  After all this is not like it is an everyday thing.

Here is my dilemma.  As a member of the human race,  with the proper training, be able to just stand (or sit) and watch another person’s life belongings, go up in fire.  NO!  I couldn’t.  But apparently the firemen of South Fulton Tennessee, have no problem with this.

I guess that will teach the outsiders.  Pay Up!  or lose it.

One last question before I close.  I realize it was just a trailer home.  But has anyone assessed the fire department a fine for, in my mind, violation of the EPA code.  Surely a public minded group like a fire department, is concerned with AIR POLLUTION.  Should they not have done their part to prevent this polluted air.

That Is How I See It.