NCAA Countdown Timer

This is going to be a short post.  Some people question; “WHY is your timer different from all the others”  “Your counter says the tournament starts at 7 pm Tuesday.”

Well, like it or not the traditional field of 64 is now 72,  Therefore the difference in the timers. My timer is a countdown to the actual start of the  NCAA TOURNAMENT.   As I said, like it or not we have and expanded field.  Most people refuse to accept this  as a part of MARCH MADNESS.  Some claim these games don’t count.  They are merely a preliminary to the tournament, a last chance qualifier, if you will.  I feel it it weren’t part of the Tournament the NCAA Committee, would not be the group which selects them.  They are however, if you are familiar with High School Wrestling Tournaments, call pig tail matches, with the winners advancing on in the Tournament.  By doing this there is no need to alter the original bracket.

For example the winner of the first game,  will be considered as a number as the 16 seed in the SOUTH Bracket, facing ALL around number 1 Kentucky.   The winner of the second game will move as a 14 seed in the WEST, and face number 3 Marquette.  Third game winner will advance as a number 16 seed in the MIDWEST  bracket and face number 1 North Carolina.  The winner of the fourth game will move into the 12 th seed slot in the MIDWEST  and play number 5 Temple.

I look at it this way.  Tne COMMITTEE could not decide who the two number 16 seed, The number 14 and 12 seed should be so this is how it will be decided.   And if you look at the 12 and 14  seeding these team probably deserve to be in the Tournament more than the NCAA placed number 16 seeds. What I can’t understand is why does the MIDWEST have 2 pig tail matches and the EAST is the only bracket without a pig tail match.

Well that explains why my countdown timer is different.  The people who see the other timers will miss , most likely the four most evenly matched games  of the tournament.

That Is How I See It.