College Football Hall of Fame

The National Football Foundation has decided to move the College Football Hall of Fame from South Bend Indiana to Atlanta Georgia.

South Bend Indiana.  Home of Notre Dame.   Can any school match the football tradition held by Notre Dame.  Their heritage dates back to 1887.  The actual name of the town where they are located is named NOTRE DAME.  Bet most of you didn’t know that.

A little history and facts about Notre Dame football.  Did you know that Notre Dame has a winning percentage of .723.  An all time record of 899 wins,  301 losses,  and 42 ties.  Their postseason record is 14-15.  With 11 National Titles, 7 Heisman winners, 96 All Americans.  Notre Dame may actually have 13 National Titles, as the 1938 and 1953 are in question,  Notre Dame only claims the 11 that are not in doubt.  Their record includes 7 undefeated seasons, and 4 single loss seasons.  As for the 122 year history (No team in 1890 and 1891), Notre Dame has 103 winning seasons, and only 13 losing seasons.  With 48 players and coaches in the Hall of Fame.

The BCS even has a “NOTRE DAME”  rule.  Speaking of Bowl games Notre Dame is in another one this year looking to make them 15-15 in bowl games.

Who can ever forget the Knute Rockne speech “…win one for the gipper….”

Why would you want to move the College Hall of Fame from such a tradition laden area.  Surprise “MONEY”  that’s all it could be.  I don’t know as a fact.  But I figure Atlanta made it monetarily well worth the move.  Oh well why fight it MONEY really does talk and those without it walk.

That Is How I See It.

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